Thursday, 17 March 2011

Assignment 2b: developing the business proposal

Developing our business proposal, we all talked about the sort of thing we would like to venture into. Listening to what each of us thought and what we would like to do, we created a large mind map which allowed us to feed off of each others ideas and assist with the thought process of each other.
Once an ideas was decided, we then assigned different roles within the group according to their strengths and preferences, etc. We talked about many issues that I had not even thought to consider before and it was interesting to see how the group member's opinions differed on some of these factors. Discussing some things more than others we tried to cover as many different topics as we could.

Assignment 2a: Profiling the post consumer

Post consumer. To understand fully what this term meant, we all looked at different aspects associated with the post consumer and researched the idea into more detail to create a mood boards portraying our ideas.

Mood board.