Monday, 28 September 2009

City Life

Walking through the town centre, I feel slightly intimidated by the amount of people passing by me that I know nothing about. Groups of people chattering excitedly, no doubt talking about what they did at the weekend and how drunk they got. Others merely stride past, submerged in their own thoughts while their ears are plugged from the outside world by their iPod. I am guilty of this also though. I speed through the city, iPod blaring cheesy pop music, subjecting myself to the typical city alienation.With the world passing me by, the only thing stopping me from my auto piloted progress is the disruption of people and the crossing of roads. This time though, instead of choosing to walk back to university with the blinkers on I decide to turn my iPod off and take a slower, more casual walk, allowing my feet to take me where they wander. It is only now I notice things that I've walked past countless times in hast and never payed much attention to. For over a year now I have walked the same way everyday and failed to notice things, one of these being St. Mary's Church. This church has one of the most beautiful exterior's I have seen in the whole city. The ornate windows and the detailing around the edge of the church is breathtaking. I don't understand how I have never noticed this before and how it has just blended back into the urban landscape. Now whenever I pass it, I cannot miss it!

This journey reminds me of book I came across a while back...Little People in the City. This is street based installation art at it's best! These little pieces of art are easily missed and only on careful observation can be seen - similar to my journey in the city. Check it out and let me know what you think...

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