Thursday, 4 February 2010

A picture can tell a thousand words (series9)

An example of the final idea.

When I think of a book, I think of a story. Some people may think of childhood, pictures or bedtime. Whatever your interpretation of it, many other people might not agree with you.

The next part of our sustainability project asks us to create a book using our subject that we had to discuss in groups (Environmental Design) as the central theme. With no other input, we have to interpret the brief and decide what we think a book is. By using the information that we gathered in the research part we have to decide in what way we want to use this to communicate our ideas...

A clipping of the brainstorm.

A little unsure at the beginning of what I wanted to do, I decided to brainstorm the idea of a story. Trying to think quite broadly, I tried not to think as a designer...
Chinese whispers and digital stories are all ways to communicate a story but they are not your conventional book.
Looking at different types of unusual books that had been created I stumbled across a lot of interesting ideas.

Black Spot Books

Ed Hutchins, Starbridge

Jennifer Collier, Letter Dress

Each one of the examples above convey a different message so it is important for me to think carefully what I wish my story to communicate.There is a saying that a picture can tell a thousand words so bearing this in mind, I want to create a response to the brief that is visual.

Digital Stories:
Does a story have to be physical, something that you can hold in your hand? Can it just be a series of images?

Some examples of the digital strories I created using Photoshop.

Physical Models (and the final concept):

When working on the group research part of this project, I found that each of the group topics interlinked and connected to one another so I want this idea to be the underlying constant within the story. My solution to this was using a piece of thread. Each picture in series9 is connected to another image - all connected in some way. Using the one piece of thread this was not an easy task and I cannot tell you the amount of times I had to pick knots out of the thread.

Pages from my sketchbook, showing my thought process.

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