Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Marmite, a love-hate relationship?

The new Marmite?

Accepting the fact that people either love it or hate it, the ad agency behind the new Marmite campaign, DDB, have cleverly created 'spoof' ads playing on the ideas associated with the product. This brave decision has paid off and has got many people talking about the new campaign and even considering trying the new savoury cereal bar!

Intentionally taking the normal clichés, Marmite have tried to laugh in the faces of other campaigns and have played on the stereotypical advertising big sellers - child on the towels, man in the shower and thin perfume models - and used them in such a way that makes the cereal bars look normal. I thought this rebranding of Marmite tied in with what we had been discussing lately in lectures where companies try to reinvent themselves and create a new image. Acknowledging the fact that the product is not liked by all and that a new Marmite cereal bar seems rather strange, the context in which they are placed in makes the cereal bar seem rather normal.

With the hope that these new adverts will make people realise that the idea of a savoury cereal bar is not as bizarre as first thought, DDB have successfully created this tongue in cheek campaign that have people spending more than a few seconds glancing in the direction of the ad.

So do you love it or hate it?

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