Sunday, 12 September 2010

St. Rombouts Kathedraal

"They just don't make buildings like that anyone..." With a danger of sounding old, it's true.

Towering above the Grote Markt in Mechelen, the cathedral truly is the most eye catching landmark in the city. Dominating your view, it is hard to find a more beautiful building to distract you.

Het is mooi!
(It is beautiful!)
The exterior has such intricate detail, one can only imagine how long it took to construct something so beautiful. Standing right underneath the spire it's a struggle to take everything in, craning my neck so much I almost landed on my back.

Every surface has a pattern or texture, whether it be the detailing on the window arches or the newly cleaned surface. The polished stonework glimmers in the sunlight, adding to the overall stature of the building on the city's skyline.

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