Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Assignment 1: Learning styles

Working in a team this semester to develop a business proposal it is important to understand how every member of the team works and realise what people's strength are to develop the best possible concepts.

Taking the learning styles survey allowed me to understand how I operate and how best I work within a team. I am an Activist.

Angela Davis. Actively involved in the economic, racial and gender equality in U.S.A.

Acting on a gut instinct and are enthusiastic about new ideas. Getting stuck in, they are not likely to prepare for learning experiences or review afterwards what they learnt. Working better with others, activists enjoy being thrown in the deep end into solving problems.

Activists are also described as people who do not enjoy listening to lectures or following rules. They do not understand things easily on their own, such as reading, writing and thinking...These were the results given by the survey and although I agree with a few of the points made, most of them I disagree with.

Missing the beginning of our group meetings due to my Erasmus exchange in Belgium, I had to come in a little later and understand myself what category each person within my group fell into. Straight away it was easy to see who felt confident about sharing their ideas and those who preferred to listen to others. All of these different qualities that these members possessed were important for the skill set required to complete our objective. Working off one another, the whole mixture of personalities really work well together within the group environment.

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