Thursday, 21 April 2011

A new dining experience




Imagine enjoying a meal in the dark though? That's exactly what diners did in Milan recently thanks to food and design collective Arabeschi de Latte. Invited by London interior designers and stylists Studio Toogood invited guests to enjoy a very different dining experience. With the underlying theme of black midnight dinners were served to a number of guests, in which all the food was black (hopefully it was not burnt!)

Some of the delicious foods on offer were cheese served on coal, burned artichokes, bread dyed with squid ink and eggs cooked in black tea. Yum! Not really for me, but I like the fact that everything within this experience all related to the 'black' theme.

As an interior designer it is an important task for us to create a whole dining experience for the guest. Considering trivial things which others may overlook are crucial in creating a space suited to the context that is being designed for. This setting totally plays on the whole idea of the overall dining experience with the only experience really being taken away is taste.


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