Sunday, 25 October 2009

Assignment 2: Making Connections

Seminar and Group Brainstorm
This was a very enjoyable experience and brainstorming in two small sessions was very useful. To begin with there was a small, nervous silence but as soon as we got going, ideas were rolling off the tongue - sometimes too quickly to all be written down. We were all shouting out things and sometimes we found ourselves all laughing at the crazy ideas that we were coming up with. After our brainstorming session we went back as a group and reflected on what had been said before, generalising points.

Individual Brainstorm
When looking into the points discussed in the previous brainstorms, I was able to expand on these and look at them in more detail. I could not believe how much design relied heavily on context. The smallest details like people's personalities and location could affect massively how they responded to design. Designers have to be switched on and sensitive to the people they are designing for.

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