Sunday, 20 December 2009

Furniture Project

Last week we finished our furniture project.

For the presentation side of things we decided to present our ideas with the use of a massive timeline. This was a very useful method because this was similar to the way we worked as a group throughout the project. Originally we were confining ourselves to our own individual and group sketchbooks and were banging our heads against a brick wall. Limiting ourselves and not allowing our creative minds to be free, the first week really was a struggle - we just could not latch onto any decent ideas!

Ripping our sketchbooks apart and lining our studio walls, we were able to see all the group member's thought processes. Brainstorming and sketching basic ideas allowed us to expand on these and move around the wall freely, adding to each other's ideas. This was really useful and after a small amount of time we were all on the same wavelength - our initial idea was born.

The workshop was a steep learning curve for me! Over the past 6 weeks I have learnt so many new skills and I am sure that I am going to be able to put these into practice for future projects.

This view shows the finger joints at the front of the seat.

Side profile of the seat.

The table sits 10mm away from each of the edges of the seat creating the illusion that it is floating.

A back view of how the table sits in the chair.

A view of the table sliding out of the chair.

The finished table and chair.

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