Friday, 1 January 2010

Capturing Christmas

Christmas Trees, all lined in a row.

I am the sort of person who can't sit still. Even when I know I should just switch off and try and just have time to myself I always think that I can be doing something.

Over Christmas most people will be relaxing; eating more food than they need to and watching loads of rubbish on tv. I will be to a certain extent but I am always pottering about up to something...

In a previous post I said that over Christmas I wanted to try and capture some images using the camera on my phone. True to my word I have been a bit snap happy over the festive period, probably enjoying it a little too much!!.

I decided to set up a Flikr account so that in my spare time I could try and capture things that were special to me because as they say a picture can tell a thousand words...

Remains of a snowball fight.

Snow Glare.

Christmas Cranes.

As Frank says, 'That's Life'.

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