Friday, 12 November 2010

Delving into my world of thoughts...


Part 1.
Identifying 8 key words from the core theme of 'crime and design' I was able to think about my topic in more detail and highlight areas in which I might look into further. After meeting up with other classmates, the ideas I jotted down were discussed further and I was able to reinforce points to them that I felt were important to the whole core theme.

Part 2.
Selecting criteria in which I wanted to take forward and possibly explore allowed me to create a list in which I thought points on it would prove useful for further research. Looking more closely at methods which have been successful/unsuccessful into crime prevention, aspects which cause an individual to act in a certain manner within an environment...

Part 3.
Questioning what I had already explored allowed me to look into more detail parts I thought were most relevant to the points that I wanted to continue look at. Asking myself questions I could begin to answer these using parts of the research I had already gathered looking into the theme of crime and design.

Part 4.
Looking at things in a more refined view and breaking down the topic into smaller chunks I could begin to select parts which were most relevant to me. Detailing parts such as further research I could do and people I would need to speak to got me realistically thinking about the whole dissertation process.

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