Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Furniture made to measure

New project. New brief.

Another group project at Lessius in which we have to design the new STIPhuis. The STIPhuis is a place for students to go if they have any problems but is mainly used by international students who wish to voice any concerns and also do laundry. The current STIPhuis is too small for the functions it is required to perform and is to be located to a new, larger building 3 doors down the street. It's our job as designers to communicate and work with both the clients and users to best utilise the new space.

Using some of the techniques I learned last year as research methods we were able to gain an insight into the users of the space. Asking the STIP staff members about the STIPhuis they currently worked in, we asked questions such as what do you require from the space? What works within this current space? What would you like to see within the new space? Taking these results into consideration we took this forward when creating our space.

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