Friday, 12 November 2010


Recently on a trip to Slovenia, I attended an exhibition titled Bio. where all the designs inside were supposed to be kind to the environment in some way. For me, this was one of the worst exhibitions that I had been to. The layout of the whole exhibition was very unusual and you had to back track on yourself constantly to try and see everything within the space. The way in which things were also presented were not exciting for me and what could have been an exciting display of 'sustainable' designs was now something that was quite tedious to read about. Instead of being encouraged to interact with the designs, we were stopped from touching. This is something that I think should be changed within an exhibition space. How can we truly appreciate the design if we cannot use all our senses to interact with it. At Bio. a small girl was playing with a plastic form but instead of being encouraged to experience the design she was told off and ran scared to her mother... One thing that I did like at the exhibition though was a piece of furniture design that used the human form to create a modern design. Drawing inspiration from hands clasping while praying, the Bosnian designer used the simple interaction of fingers to create a self supporting seat. While looking at this piece of design it reminded me of the Spanish designer, Santiago Calatrava, who also uses the forms of the human to create beautiful structures that has gained him the title as being one of the 'elite' designers in the world.
The spine.

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