Thursday, 28 October 2010

A piece of Stella design

Wooden accordion clutch bag, Stella McCartney

While researching for our GIDE project and the materials in which our accordion-like structure would be made from and also how it would be functional, flexible, durable, lightweight, etc I came across this image which I thought really answered a lot of questions regarding our issue.

The way in which the object originally could start as a small shape and then fan out to create a larger structure is something that we are interested in doing for our pop up concept also. Using two pivotal points the object can expand and contract in a forward and backwards motion enlarging or shrinking the surface area accordingly. Due to the different locations we want the exhibition to 'pop up' in, this is an important mechanism that is crucial when expanding and shrinking the size of each house.

Referring to this design is a useful way in looking at how all the parts work but as a woman I know that this handbag is not functional, all the little bits and bobs that lurk in the bottom of our handbag would just fall out.

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