Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Dundee - Scotland. Leeds - England. Ljubljana - Slovenia. Lugano - Switzerland. Magdeburg - Germany. Mechelen - Belgium. Milano - Italy.

7 European Design Schools. 1 common theme. 1 competition.

Theme: Exhibit. How would you describe this term?
Creating a group of students - 3 Dutch and 2 Scottish - the answer to this question was very varied! Talking extensively about different elements of exhibition design such as interaction and location, we wanted to make sure that we discussed as much as we could at this stage to feel more confident about tackling the brief we had been set.
After our group brainstorming session we all decided we like the idea of a Pop Up Exhibition on, allowing as many people as possible the chance to see the exhibition. Most people when they hear Pop up would typically think of a book from childhood where the story came alive when the scene spread across your lap...a similar experience we wanted to create with our exhibition. Playing on the word 'POP UP' we began sketching ideas with the underlying concept and tried different ideas from the very obvious right to abstract.

With a very 'childlike' reference to pop up we thought that we would quite like to 'exhibit' a child's clothing range called Oilily. A very famous child's clothing brand over here in Belgium and the Nederlands we thought that the brand fitted well with our concept of playful and childish pop up. Type Oilily into Google images and the pictures that you are presented with are bright, bold patterns that are very recognisable! (Now that I am aware of Oilily I see the patterns everywhere in the streets of Belgium and can instantly recognise it.)

Presenting a mood board a few weeks into the project we were able to highlight our inspiration for our concept. Creating an unconventional mood board using our theme of pop up, we talked about our ideas using the elements of a pop up book. The mood board was created with interaction in mind and we wanted to introduce this playfulness into our presentation to heighten the understanding of our theme. Research images were on a pull out slide and to see all of these you had to slide and also flip the card over. Obviously with the Dutch and English languages we decided to add very little text and let the pictures do the talking.

The final mood board.

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