Saturday, 23 October 2010


Part twee.

After presenting our initial idea, we decided to continue with the idea of pop up and try and create a concept that not only portrayed this chosen theme but design it in a way that was visually exciting.

Some pages from my sketch book, the thought process.

Within our group we created large 'sketch book pages' and scribbled all our ideas relating to our topic trying to create visually what we interpreted the term pop up to be. Naturally everybody had a different approach and interpretation of the ideas surrounding pop up so we tried to incorporate different elements so as to create the strongest concept.
Looking at the way in which a Russian Doll is able to transform itself from being one object to many without a drastic change in form was something that we used as inspiration for creating the form of our pop up exhibition. Obviously with our pop up requiring to be moved to different locations we had to consider issues such as weight, stability, materials, portability, etc. Attending a recent furniture exhibition in Kortrijk, Belgium we were able to gather information about the different types of materials that were available to us and what sort of attributes they possess but also discuss the problems we were facing with these issues and the problems that these designers had overcome.

More design ideas using the original book form to make objects pop out from the backdrop.

Still using the Oilily brand as part of our exhibition, the recognisable pattern we decided would be used to decorate the exterior of the pop up space and with the scale of the ' pop up shops' we decided that the pattern would be fitting due to the effect it would have on people when they saw the house fronts.

The final concept.

Now the next steps for us to consider are how the interior space is going to compliment the exterior but also be created in a way in which to make the Oilily brand 'POP' from the backdrop it is placed in. Also could the houses be separate so as to be manipulated within a space more? What sort of indoor location are we looking for?

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