Saturday, 23 October 2010

Presentation Techniques: Typography

The power of text.

Following a presentation in class on the different types of typography that designers use, we were shown a video of the new Audi A1 which makes use of various images that we perceive to be an A. Some of the A’s are more obvious than others and some require us to look a little more closely.

After receiving our briefing of the subject, we then had to use one of our initials and look for it within the surrounding environment for our typography assignment. These letters could be as obvious or as abstract as we wanted but had to be naturally occurring within the environment.

Can you spot the L's?

Some of the L's were easier to spot than others and soon without even realising it, I was finding letters within the environment - once you are in the mindset it is very hard to stop seeing the letters within the environment.

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