Thursday, 21 October 2010

Interieur - 21.10.10

International Design Biennale 'Interieur', Kortrijk, Belgium.

Renowed as one of the global events for contemporary design trends, the 22nd International Design Biennale 'Interieur' boasts designs that all followed the same theme 'The New World' - a subject matter offering a large variation in interpretation.

With great relevance to the project brief's we are currently following at KHM, it was nice to see objects in person as opposed to flat images on a computer screen. Getting up close and looking at the way in which designs had been manufactured and discussing issues such as ergonomics and aesthetics with the designers themselves was a great way to get a greater understanding of their purpose of design. After 6 hours of wandering and a bag full of design leaflets later, I left the Biennale feeling inspired and ready to get sketching as soon as got my hands on a sketch book.

One criticism though, in my opinion I felt that a lot of the designs were beginning to take on the same structures and at points I found myself wondering if we had already seen the design before. Without trying to be too clever the designs that were more successful were the ones that were simple but were effective.

Capturing the designs that insprired me.

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