Sunday, 3 October 2010

Group Storming

Promising to be a challenging and exciting year, the first assignment for Design Studies got me to think creatively and critically again. Last year we learned a lot of techniques that will prove invaluable throughout our lives but indefinitely this year. Using some of the skills that I already learned I applied these to the first assignment. Working within a group again and learning to communicate, we started the first task.

Each choosing a specific topic to research further, we all discussed our titles and debated issues surrounding them. Our wee group is made up with myself, Charles Stewart and Ross Lesslie over in Mechelen, Belgium.

Charles Stewart: Sustainability and Design

Rachel Laing: Crime and Design

Ross Lesslie: Education and Design.

After a hearty dinner of good old Scottish Mince and Tatties made by Charles we were all set for the 'Group Storming' session. To begin with we were a bit hesitant (I think we were out of practise) but as soon as we got the juices flowing we were off to a flyer. Originally just discussing one of the titles we soon scrapped this idea as we realised that all our topics had many of the same points that interlinked. Arguing on some issues but agreeing on others a good while later we had totally ripped apart our chosen subjects and given ourselves some food for thought...I was excited to get home and get things underway.

Individual mind map on Crime and Design.

Creating a mind map using some of the main points that were discussed in the group meeting, I soon realised that what we had discussed within our groups was only a scratch on the surface. Dividing my topic of Crime and Design in lots of subtitles I was able to research different parts in more detail which would aid me when writing the Wiki report.

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