Saturday, 23 January 2010

Back to the real world

First week has just finished after coming back from the Christmas holidays and already there is so much to be done.

In class we have a new project called "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle."

This is a 12 week project aiming to educate us as designers of our disposable culture and how we can incorporate eco - friendly concepts into our designs without comprising the finished quality.

Broken into two parts, the first part of the brief focuses mainly on 'upcycling', a term used to describe something that has reached the end of it's service life and has been created into something with a higher value.
This first week has been a research week for us, working in groups on the specified subject we were given. Using this research gathered, the aim of the first part of this project is to create a 'book' that has been upcycled and portrays our thoughts about environmental design.

Environmental Design
What does this mean to you?

Starting with a big mind map to help get our 'creative juices flowing', we were able to shout out ideas as soon as they came into our heads. Splitting environmental design into three parts: materials, products and buildings, each member of the group focused on one area (two members focusing on the building section as we felt this was a rather extensive part to research).

With our research gathered, our next task was to create a method in which we could talk about our findings with the rest of the class. We decided to do this through Powerpoint, a little obvious but none the less still an effective way to convey our ideas.

Here are a few examples of the kind of things that we found:

I was able to create this page in the Powerpoint very quickly as I had referred to this building in an earlier post I made on my blog. This proposed building would be able to power itself and ten times over, rotating around a central axis.

A prototype capable of switching off all nonessential electrical equipment to save power.

These towers have been positioned so the turbines gain the maximum amount of energy from the wind.

This week we also had our first Design Studies lecture. Already there is lots of work to do and lots of reading. I decided to create a to do list with things that I wanted to do and found that I ran out of space...

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  1. You need to add "buy bigger sheet of paper for to-do list" to your to-do list!