Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Dress to impress?

Ask any girl if they bought a new dress over Christmas for a night out and most of them will tell you that they have, maybe even more than one! Well what about this dress?

Digna Kosse

With the weather the way it is just now imagine going out in one of these. Sure you'd have head's turning but not for all the right reasons. These dresses are more about making a statement rather than being more practical. I mean as a piece of art this is successful, celebrating the body and the feminine curves, but as for the design, not so much. Limiting the materials being used to construct these dresses, you can still sense the femininity but do you really need an almost invisible dress to do this.

I suppose one good idea behind these 'dresses' is that they are not wasteful. In a time when we are becoming more and more conscious of our choices and the impact that they will have on the environment, I don't think that there will be any problems with these dresses (except for the exposure!) The amount of material wasted due to the constant changes in fashion would be greatly reduced if a lot more of us wear clothes like this - although I'm not sure I'll ever wear one.

Digna Kosse

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