Monday, 4 January 2010


B.F.G (Big, fancy giant!!)

A view to die for...

It is hard to imagine that buildings can keep on getting taller and taller but this is precisely what Giorgio Armani has done. Twice the size of the Empire State Building and 8 times the size of Big Ben, this colossal new hotel will certainly be a talking point for many years to come (or until someone else trumps it's size!)

Height Chart.

The astounding engineering is mind boggling! Not only setting a new record for the world's tallest building - thought to be about 818m high-, it also boasts the record for world's highest swimming pool (76th floor) and world's highest Mosque (158th floor).

So many issues would have to have been considered and it is hard to even try and consider how many problems would have arisen with this build. Claiming to be lightening and quake proof, the design would no doubt have to have been changed so much from Armani's original concept.

I suppose this is something quite important for designers to consider. At first glance an idea may seem amazing but put on a serious eye and nine times out of ten it is ridden with problems. This isn't a bad thing though. We are creative people and exercising our minds for constructive solutions will only help us become better designers. Back to reality though, I don't think I will have to consider problems ever on such a scale. Oh well, we can but dream!

A view from the top.
The Burj Dubai is thought to be visible from 60 miles away.

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