Saturday, 2 January 2010


With the interiors of many spaces becoming more and more contemporary, the need for minimalistic accessories has increased. Everyday objects have been given a makeover and are now starting to look really stylish and desirable. Taking pride of place in our homes, designers are creating new designs which are encouraging us to buy them.

Without over complicating matters, a Japanese designer called Shigeichiro Takeuchi has designed a contemporary and minimalistic bin and shoehorn.

Rubbish Bin
Made from aluminium and maple wood, the design is clean and something I personally think is aesthetically pleasing. With no additional fixings on the bin, there is nothing distracting us from the simple design, allowing us to fully appreciate it. The lid makes it easy for the removal of rubbish and cleaning, due to the fact that the maple lid sits at a different height than the aluminium lip. With the difference in height the lid can balance at an angle, something that I have never seen before and is no doubt the unique selling point of the product.

Maple wood lid and Aluminium base.

I don't personally have a shoehorn but both sets of my grandparents do and I can't ever imagine them displaying the shoehorns they have at the moment in their homes. Unlike Takeuchi's shoehorn, theirs are more functional than striking. Striving to create something beautiful Takeuchi uses the materials to compliment one another and again create a clean and simple design. Although there is two separate components, the design looks like one piece due to the continuous flow of the design and even when they are pulled apart, both work on their own.

Plastic shoehorn and maple wood base.

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