Monday, 25 January 2010


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One of my favourite foods. Now could it be one of my favourite design companies?

Reading "The Culture of Design" like the wee geek that I am I came across Tomato. Now I like reading but Juiller's accounts of the design world are a little monotonous for me unfortunately but I was soon left intrigued when he mentioned the London - based collective Tomato (Pity it came almost at the end of the chapter).

Not only did the random name grab me but the attitude that the company showed. I have a lot of respect for people who do not follow the herd. Who can be who they want without giving into the pressure of their surroundings.

Bearing this in mind it's little wonder that the title "Tomato" has no meaning behind it whatsoever! Stupid? I think not. I think it's quite genius. Some toff's will try and decipher the title and try to make up meaning behind it and think that they have cracked the title mystery only to discover that a common group of designers and a band have got the better of them.

"The name Tomato means nothing. You can put lots of meanings into it but there are none. A bit like our work really." Warwicker (2008:88)

Well maybe so but I quite like it. It's quirky and different and just what the design world needs to give it a shake up.

Z creation, elements from landscape research

Aerial Photography, Iceland

With thanks:
The Culture of Design, Guy Juiller

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