Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Balcony View

Not even ten minutes down the road from me, there is a sanctuary. A place where people can go for help and support through one of the most difficult times that you could think of.

Offering a service that is free of charge, Maggie's Fife is there to help anybody who needs support, whether it be you or those who look after someone with cancer. Offering a wide range of services to those who need it, Maggie's helps support those in a time of need.

Designed by Zaha Hadid, she was sensitive to the brief that she had been given and designed a space which was exciting and bold but also receptive to the circumstantial context it was being placed in. Located in the grounds adjacent to Victoria Hospital, it is protected by the natural environment surrounding the centre creating the sense of safety.

A perfect example where design can help.

Exterior View

Interior View

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  1. You should talk to Nicola Shirkey in level 4 IED - she did her dissertation on design and health care/disability and looked at the Maggies Centre in Fife and in Dundee. It's an area DJCAD is heavily involved in, so if you're interested you're surrounded by some of the experts!