Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Context and Design

Recently I have gained a deeper understanding of just how much context effects design... Gaining information for my last task in the design studies assignments I began to truly understand how different environments provide different reactions to art and design. An example of this would be graffiti. Some people see this as a piece of art while others see it as vandalism, but why is this?

Context. Depending on many factors, e.g. where you were raised, what was happening in the environment around you, what you were interested in as a child, etc, these would all play part in how you respond to things. Personally for me I think graffiti is art, purely because it is not always just a spur of the moment thing. Some 'designers' think about where to place their graffiti for the best response and how to layer things so that some parts jump out and capture the viewer. Graffiti gets a better response in some areas than others so it is important for this to be taken into consideration. Graffiti is a platform for people to raise issues important to them so we as designers have to be careful about which we show case our design as some people may not respond how we want them to...

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