Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The 'Greatest' gadgets invented?

I came across this article about the greatest gadgets ever invented and although I agree with some on the list. Others, well...are they really the greatest?

As you would expect things on the list include the colour television and mobile phones with cameras. Some people might say well okay these are good inventions but they are not essential...try telling my mum that who is obsessed with Coronation Street and all those people fixated with getting the next facebook profile picture.

One thing that did strike me that was on the list was the eBook. For me books are something quite special as they remind me of a childhood where, yes I'll admit it, I was a bit of a geek and loved reading. Nothing could beat the noise of the spine on a new book cracking and the smell of the new pages as you flicked through the book. Surely something electronic just takes the whole concept of books and turn it on its head?

Why would anyone want to spend hours in front of a tiny screen reading a book that they cannot feel in their hands?

I suppose the up side might be that your bag isn't as heavy carrying loads of books around with you but surely if a book is worth reading it is worth a carry...

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