Friday, 13 November 2009


Okay so I know the title has so much different ideas behind it and so many talking points but one thing I didn't realise it could relate to so much was food!

Early expectations of a talk I attended was that it would relate possibly to how we as designers could think harder and develop products that are friendlier to the environment...never assume!

Two hours was spent on educating us about our food waste and how that this was having devastating effects on our environment. Now, don't get me wrong this is all very interesting and as a designer everything is relevant to us but when you are not expecting this, you are caught a little off guard (and judging by the looks from my friends they were equally as surprised as me).

The underlying theme (and something that is very relevant to everybody) is that every action we take can have a knock on effect to the planet. Without sounding like an Eco-obsessed maniac, we as designers should be more conscious of our design decisions and also apparently we should celebrate ugly vegetables!

With thanks: Sustainability talk, Enterprise Gym, Dundee

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