Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Frank Gehry

Hotel Marques de Riscal

Unusual, contemporary, modern: all words associated with Frank Gehry's designs but for me though there is something very different about them. Obviously they are not the usual type of buildings you would see and clearly it is not just me that thinks this as many of his buildings have become tourist attractions.

Although the majority of people I speak to like Gehry's quirky designs there are some that don't think they are as special as they are made out to be. Coming under a lot of criticism, these distinctive buildings do waste a lot of material and at a time when designers should be more conscious of the materials that they consume Gehry seems to ignore this.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Surely making your work accessible to the public is the most important thing a designer can do but Gehry limits the audience that can view his buildings by not placing disabled access to his buildings. There was an uproar when the gallery above was built as Gehry removed disabled ramps to 'better' his design. This seems a little bit unfair and I know that if I was in Gehry's shoes I would want as many people as possible to see my designs.

With thanks:
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