Monday, 23 November 2009

Design taking on a new element

With designers under constant pressure to make their designs more sustainable, it was only a matter of time before someone took the brave challenge of designing a kinetic building. Mad? I think so.

Over recent years, Dubai has taken on the reputation for being a desirable place to build 'architectural wonders'. Viewing these new beauties by the crane of the neck, many tower above the skyline.

Designers like to make statements but instead of making a taller building than the last, some are now making 'greener' designs.

Imagine a 59 floor building that could not only power itself but 10 times over. This is exactly what architect David Fisher has done. The building he proposes to build will power itself using the sun and wind and will be capable of rotating around a central axis.

Imagine staying in this building, waking up one morning looking over the city, next morning waking up looking over the ocean. Something that you wouldn't need to dream of...this would be a reality.

This area of the world is susceptible to hurricanes and earthquakes but Fisher assures that the giant is able to withstand these forces as each floor can individually move.

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