Sunday, 22 November 2009

Rock 'n' Roll

Flicking through the newspaper I was intrigued by the images that I was presented with. At first glance the images looked like paintings but then when I began reading the article I realised that these images were not what I thought.

I was looking at real life rolling stones that could move hundreds of metres on their own!

In the intense 50ยบ heat of the Californian Death Valley these rocks appear to wander around the desert in lines, leaving distinctive tracks in the sand.

With some of these rocks as heavy as 113kg it is hard to imagine these rocks moving without help, but it does happen! Scientists believe that a combination of elements push the rocks along the desert floor (90mph winds, ice formations at night and thin layers of wet clay on the surface of the desert).

These gliding rocks though might not be around for much longer as many believe that the rising temperatures could lead this phenomenon to disappear!

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