Sunday, 22 November 2009

Why we buy...

Ever noticed that the essential things you need like bread and milk are always hidden at the back of the supermarket? This is no coincidence, supermarkets are purposely designed like this. How many times do you go into a shop with one or two things on your list and then how many times have you walked out with bags full of things you don't even need? (sometimes even forgetting the very thing you went in for!)

The book "Why we buy" by Paco Underhill, observes how we as humans respond to certain things. The results were very interesting, for example if you keep someone in a shop longer and if people shop with baskets they are more likely to spend more. Okay so you might be thinking yeah that's all pretty interesting but that's just common sense, well how about Primark. There are loads of folded displays where you have to look for your size, Underhill explains that we are more likely to buy something if we touch it. So by unfolding the clothes we are more likely to buy them out of guilt (consciously or subconsciously) than if they were hanging up. As much as I hate to say this I am guilty for this...Just after this lecture I went to Primark and bought some tops (after unfolding them). I knew fine well I was falling into the trap but I couldn't help myself.

We have all fallen victims to the advertising giants!

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